Jul 05

Toothbrush Tree

by in Africa, Kenya

In Kenya people have really pretty teeth. That’s because there’s a common tree that grows in the bush called the tooth brush tree. It has long white branches that when broken off create a tooth brush. You peel away the bark and it reveals a green tube. Then chew one end and it will become stringy like a man made tooth brush. Then, brush away! Not just is this branch stringy but it also moisturizes your mouth which is good for sunny days. And it has a natural fluoride and antiseptic in it. The Samburu people that are native here have holes in their ears. Not tiny holes, but huge holes that you can see through. Our guide kept his tooth brush inside his left ear hole. How convenient!


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  1. From GRAMMA NIN:

    Katherine grandpa Hugh would love this..he is obsessed with clean teeth hahaha…CU soon Gramma Nin

    Posted on 11. Jul, 2011 at 5:43 am #