Jun 05

Ready, Set, Cook!

by in Africa, Food, South Africa

We meet Cany the host and Riaan the cook
Also Willem and Nicholas who show us things at which to look

We see cooking utensils and pots and pans galore
There are so many ingredients there can’t possibly be any more

The recipes, knifes, and spoons are laid out on the table
There are two of them and each also has a ladle

Riaan shows us how to make two traditional dishes
He puts the ingredients in according to how much he wishes

The pans are taken to the kitchen where they’ll be finished
My excitement to begin has far from diminished

We are put into teams and told what dishes to make
Mom and I pair up and read what we must undertake

We have so many recipes it must be a mistake
Then Riaan gives a recipe to Carter and Dad so that we may have a break

We must do miele, sweet potatoes, and some stick bread
Riaan says ready set cook and I run to the food, we’re a bit ahead

We start on the sauce for miele and grate and chop and slice
While the next table over is in despair, at how much they have to dice

Carter and Dad must make squash and a stew
Dad keeps on dropping his carrot; I think that makes him blue

Mom and I are on a roll but then see our mistake
The miele take an hour to cook and the potatoes 30 minutes to bake

We start the heat and begin to cook the miele and its sauce
Meanwhile the bread dough has to set and then it will be soft

When the dough is set potatoes in the oven and miele almost done
I see what the boys are up to and it does not seem fun

Carter has cut every vegetable possible and laid down them all
My dad keeps putting them in a pot outside; it doesn’t seem like a ball

The pot is cooking over an open fire and you’re not allowed to stir
Carter’s also skinning a huge squash, whose skin is tough for sure

Nicholas is great with miele it tells us when it’s done
I wish we had some more time bad sadly we have none

We have just enough to do the bread
I fear that now the boy’s are ahead

We roll the dough onto some sticks and roast like marshmallows
Willem helps, and Claire too but the bread is only turning yellow

We realize our mistake, the dough is too big
It will burn outside and be raw in; too bad we’re not a pig

We roll new dough smaller this time
But the dough keeps trying to slide

When we’ve done so many the thought of doing more makes us shudder
We fill the holes with yummy stuff, like syrup and butter

Finally, when all is done, we get plates as big as trays
We line up, waiting for the start of the buffet

Everything is delicious and the boys win first prize
But I don’t mind, their squash was delicious, despite its size

We say goodbye to all of our new friends
I can’t wait till tomorrow when the great race begins!


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